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Celebrating New Year’s eve in Hong Kong

Time to party here, so we decided to celebrate new year’s eve in the amazing city of Hong Kong!

This city is unique. No matter the day or season you fly in, no matter the weather or the time you have to spend here. It will always be special and unique, even in a foggy day during the typhoon season you can get this:

“Nine Dragons” Kowloon (NEX-5N) from Edwin Lee on Vimeo.

The thing here is that any celebration or public holiday implies rivers of people flowing through the old narrow alleys of the city, not speaking about the prices in the clubs, pubs, restaurants or any place selling booze, excepting the 7/11.

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, so in addition to the usual residents, there are also hundreds of tourists coming from all over the world to take part in whatever event is going on.

HKPU Students Hall

For example, the area surrounding Lan Kwai Fong, the most well-known party district of the city, becomes impossible to walk in, with collapsed streets, and the pavement covered with a considerable layer of debris and shattered glass and people lying around, passed out. However, it is amazing.

Another crowded points to avoid in a New Year Eve celebration are the Avenue of the Stars, the area near the Star Ferry pier (Kowloon side) and around the International Commerce Centre, where the main fireworks starts.

I say to avoid for several reasons: first of all, the best places are taken by photographers and their tripods from the first hour of the morning. Secondly, those points have a huge public affluence, so if you really want a spot there, you will have to spend several hours taking positions to be ready for the firework… you don’t want to spend from 3 to 6 hours sitting in the same place just to be ready for 5 minutes of fireworks, so that…

Fishing in the last night of the year

The meh point of the night was that we were expecting more fireworks… well, honestly, we were expecting something like Flak artillery shooting indiscriminately in the air, but maybe they are saving the best for the Chinese New Year… At least, I hope so!

As you can see, there are multiple points of view of the fireworks. We found our place in the east side of Kowloon. Here’s the video of the countdown, in HD. Enjoy!

Best wishes for the new year, waiting for the Chinese one in few weeks!

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  1. hahahaha i like the description for my city. Make people feel warm and welcome to this city in any time, any day! Thank you DDDDavid.
    How’s everything in China or in hong kong ? i dont know where you are right now hahaha. But i am sure that you have been exploring quite alot of my city. Especially LKF. the nightclubs paradise hahahaha did you have fun in there with beers and music ?

    Take more photos for mi from my beloved hometown. I am far away but i can help if you need some local information hahaha 😉 just only an email away 😛 not far!!!
    I may be going home for a short holiday this year or next year. I am not sure because I have quite alot of classes to teach! hahaha

    cuidato vale !!! 🙂 un beso x


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