A year of blogging

Today, October 10th, we’ve made our first YEAR of blogging! Remember the long, first post ever?

Since then, I tried to keep up with two things: quality and periodicity. Despite those goals were set as personal goals, I discovered the external reward: almost 500 subscribers and over 800 monthly visits from all over the world. Excepting China. Damn Great Firewall…!

There has been lots of changes since then too. I joined a University as a teacher, doing teaching stuff, whatever it means. I also push hard to spread Minerva Trades tentacles overseas. I learned about doing business in Mexico, their twisted sense of time and the importance of being introduced by in order to do business. I really feel I’m doing way too much!

Le moi steering my life

But, on the top of all this, I can’t count the days until get together with the bunch of amazing people I met back in China, despite they like to mix ice cream and french fries… And that’s why I love them!

I miss the vibe of Hong Kong too, its unique mix of modernity and tradition. Disregard Japan, go Hong Kong! Macao it’s special in its own way, and better not talk about the natural beauty of Yangshuo…!

I can’t take my camera around as much as I would like here in Culiacán. Too much heat about going around with a Nikon hanging from my neck, not for being robbed, but to take the wrong picture, which is easy in this city.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the posts to see how far I’ve been, and if you like it enough, get subscribed..!

As I still have lots of pictures and stories to share, you better stay close and remember, this blog is powered by curiosity and coffee. And both are a strong combination…!


I just verified the map at a reader’s petition, and I currently have 15 visits from China..!

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