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Edecanes de la Expoagro Sinaloa – Mexican hostesses (kinda NSFW)

It’s Feria Agrícola time in Sinaloa!


The biggest and most important fair in this god-forgotten State stars a key element, more important than the fertilizers, drip-tapes or whatever being sold in there, the true reason to show up to this otherwise dusty and packed fair: the raunchy edecanes (hostesses).

Edecanes are plainly eye candy, curvaceous girls promoting a brand, product or company through the mighty powers of deep cleavage and tight clothing.


The use of barely dressed girls as a visual incentive is customary in this kind of events in Mexico, as well as a source of debate among companies, as some consider this devaluating and others embracing it: John Deere has a policy of not getting into this game whilst Agroindustrias del Norte pushes it to the limit with several of the most raunchy edecanes available fooling around their stands.

This is considered another way to increase brand awareness as there are tons of people taking pictures of them and whatever they are holding or wearing…


Regarding whether if this is perceived as another expression of Mexican machismo and the sexual objectification of women or if this is another way women empower themselves, just follow the links at the end of the post.

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