From the tip of a wing

Lurking through petabytes of pictures in one of my hard drives, I’ve found a few I took from my window seat on a trip to Mexico from a KLM airplane. Despite the nice views, I would never recommend getting the window seat on a transatlantic flight. Ever. I hope you like these views!


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  1. Why getting the window seat on a transatlantic flight is not a good thing?
    Is it about having problems when you want to go to the washroom?
    Also what is your interest in My Forgotten Hobby?
    I have 18 other blogs mostly about WWII one is titled Lest We Forget.


    1. Hi there! Well, for me as you say, means I’m stucked for +15 hours, and with a seat in the aisle, not only I can get out and move around, but I can put my legs to the aisle and stretch them…! 🙂
      About the hobby, yes, it combines two things I’m crazy about (and I don’t know why): aircraft and history. I always wanted to start some scale modeling myself, but the traveling and moving around prevented me from doing it :/ Anyway, it remains in my ‘bucket list’! 🙂
      I’m checking out the rest of your blogs, I hope you like my blog as well, cheers!


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