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Three of a kind – 煎釀三寶

One of the many options regarding fried-anything in Hong Kong's street food.

One of the most notorious finger food available in the alleys of Hong Kong are the deep-fried ones.

Three of a kind snack pile

Cantonese use many cooking techniques, but steaming and frying are the most favoured because their convenience. And not only frying and that’s it, but stir-frying, deep-frying, shallow frying… in Guangdong’s area, everything can be fried and put in a paper cone…!

One of the many fried street snacks available is known as three of a kind (煎釀三寶), which varies from seller to seller, but the basics are a deep-fried pile of vegetables, tofu, slices of jumbo sausages and more vegetables (depending on the stall), some of them stuffed, like meat-stuffed tofu and green peppers, or mudfish stuffed in eggplant, also battered and… well, fried.


For 4 to 15 yuan, you can pick your choices from the pile, three per customer usually. However, these three usually end up being eggplant, green pepper and tofu, which are the most popular/traditional combination, thus giving the name to this snack.

Remember to get a bit of sweet sauce coating. It makes it even more delicious..!

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