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The burdens of Mexico (part I)

10 reasons why Mexico will never succeed.

Mexico seems never to leave the spotlight, either if it is for a new sprout of gruesome violence in the Southern States of the Republic, the Army taking over an entire State, or the discovery of another mass grave for which nobody will ever make jail time. Even Colombia has managed to shake off its bad reputation and circumstances from the past decades and come in brand new.

Many questions arise from the permanently stirred Mexican situation, but the big one remains the same: does Mexico has a future? Being classified as a MINT had any impact on daily life and economy? Was Stratford right about Mexico being a failed country, orphaned from the prosperity and stability enjoyed by its Latin American neighbours?

On the map, we seem pretty ‘average’… Click on the picture for details

Despite Mexico’s long tradition of failed governments, particularly in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the current situation is not of a failed State.

It is true that many regions of the country are slipping away from the control of the Federal Government, and that in almost the entire country, it has already lost the monopoly on the legitimate use of force, but is precisely the Federal Government the last bastion of public services and certain levels of justice, safety and order. Or least, an illusion of them, which is fairly important. At State/local level, it might seem everybody is losing it, but the Federal Government, through its multiple agencies and institutions, manages to glue it all together, with more or less success.

So Mexico is not becoming a Wasteland and its cities Megatons anytime soon, despite what it might seem from the outside. But despite not being on the verge of a Borderland live reenactment (as many seem to want), there’s a huge issue to be addressed: the stillness of the country. We’re not hitting rock bottom, but it doesn’t also seem we’re freeing ourselves from the same burden we’ve been dragging since the Revolution of 1910.

Mexico seems locked in permanent apathy and inertia over critical issues; there are no key changes; there is no fight and no push forward. The country seems to be in the same shape and have the same issues as a century ago, and no, Dudeism is not the dominant religion here.

So the question about Mexico should be: why isn’t the country moving?

Mexico full
This was Mexico. All of it

There are many answers to this question, but for me, there are ten critical issues that hamper Mexico‘s future.


Octavio Paz, a Mexican writer, in his book ‘The labyrinth of solitude‘ (an essay on the origins and causes of the Mexican behaviour, morality and psychology), says “El 15 de Septiembre la gente grita por espacio de 1 hora para callar todo el año“: On September 15, people scream for 1 hour to shut up all year. This day is the celebration of the ‘Grito de Dolores’, where Mexicans remember the proclamation that led to the War of Independence, and where the President of the Republic shouts few patriotic lines from the balcony of the Presidential Palace, and people corresponds the same way.

What this writer meant is Mexicans seem to be passive about their involvement in current events. This attitude (among others) are sewn into the fabric of what a Mexican is ought to be. Mexicans resist revealing themselves to others in any way. Being open, express opinion, standing out, and demanding are attitudes frowned upon by the rest of the society, seen as a weakness, and being a whiner.

The point is that even having significant needs in many essential areas, people hardly fight openly for them. It is said that this attitude comes from Castilian settlers, which ingrained in the local Amerindians and later mestizo population the passive, conquered mentality during the Colonization, and it kept on for generations.

In the end, and being more pragmatic, Mexicans had and continued to have too much to handle, and little can be done at this point. The Tlatelolco massacre, the permanent impunity at the highest ranks, clientelism, rotten law enforcement, and a long list of abuses that left a legacy that reinforced all these definitions made by Octavio Paz, among other authors (list of resources at the bottom of the post). Why bother to fight for anything, if I will change nothing, and I can will end up tortured, killed, disappeared, laid off, beaten… done by none other than the Government itself more often than not.

I do recommend the lecture of the chapterMexican Masks from the book mentioned above to have a better grasp of Mexican mentality, behaviour and society, and most important, its consequences.


In Mexico, labour unions are on the Dark Side of syndicalism: while in the Old Lady and other parts of the world these organizations are meant to be a counterweight from the employers and their Trade Associations, intended to prevent excessive power from each other, here they are just an organized mob focused for one purpose only: preserving the (wealthy) status of their leaders, as well as constraining free market economy and Mexico’s growth since their creation.

Trade Unions have become extremely corrupt, sometimes violent, led by gangsters-wannabe who use the massive manpower from their affiliates to pressure Federal, State, and local governments, leveraging and blocking laws, getting concessions as well as other privileges in their favour.

Labor racketeering is the proper term for what they do. La Cosa Nostra started it in the US, and now Mexican unions carry on the tradition in here.

Through these tactics, their power in Mexico has grown beyond control. It is unclear in which extent the Government has allowed or even pushed forward this situation. For example, half of Mexico’s government employees are teachers, which makes the Mexican National Educational Workers UnionSNTE, the largest union in Latin America with 1.4 million members…

They control schools and Universities, salaries, firing and hiring teachers, and leverage on the Federal budget for education. They practically run the schools and Universities. Until recently, retiring teachers routinely could ‘give’ their teacher place in a school to a relative, inherit it, or ‘sell’ it for in between $5,000 and $12,000… When the government tried to take these practises down, they disrupted in riots, occupying Mexico City for months. Somehow, it had become so routinary to be a teacher by inheritance, that trying to start a system based on qualification, merits and academic record faced massive opposition.

Another major lamprey in Mexico’s economy is Pemex Worker’s Union, the National Oil Company. See here for a résumé of their practices, because I could end up writing an endless post.

There are other examples, and these two are just the most representative, but each economic sector has its union that blocks free market or competence. Want to be a taxi driver? Better be unionized. Bus driver? Salesman? Whatever economic activity, there is a Union for it. And despite appearances, the huge power Trade Unions seem to have here only applies towards the Administration: when facing corporations, they drop pants quite fast…


Besides the main Mexican exports (oil, electronics, cars, coffee and marijuana) there’s another lesser-admitted product: their awkward, baroque soap operas. And their actors, of course, which they end up at some point going to Dancing with the Stars, pursuing the American dream.

Telenovelas play a huge role in here (and in Latin America in general). First of all, diverting attention: people don’t talk about their low wages, corruption, violence or how public money is spent. They discuss (long and heavily) about why Mariana is gonna marry the evil Juan Jose Alberto, or how pretty Maria Guadalupe Dolores was with the white wedding dress. Why is that? Because there are soap operas airing all day long, round the clock, if you could miss any and start thinking too much. Combine this with the first or the fifth point in this article, and you understand why people goes so intense with the entertainment industry.

Also, soap operas are used to shape public opinion and perception: do we have to get people to love our controversial National energy reform bill? Better put it in a telenovela, with everyday language, to show how good foreign investment is (video in Spanish):

Mexican soap operas also cut the lines in what is or should be considered ‘average’ or ‘normal’ Mexican and what not, always according to the governing party. Anyway, I spoke long and better about the impact of soap operas and the distorted image of Mexico they try to promote in a previous post, so better take look there.


Corruption here is systemic. Don’t think about it as something that just goes for local cops and politicians. It jumps through ranks, education, or social class and spreads into almost any kind of business activity, public or private. Corruption (and any of its forms) is not a part of the system, it is the system, it is how everything keeps spinning.

1The causes for this levels of corruption are not really clear, but I’m inclined to believe that they have to do with the leading party PRI and its history.  Their leaders at different levels have ruled Mexico for almost 100 years (and they still call it democracy). Since the 19th century, and to keep in power, this party spread the practice of rewarding their supporters in many fields: corporations, individuals, associations, even they practically monopolized the press to get positive coverage. Journalists who complied with the modus operandi were paid with government handouts and gifts; those who do not, were intimidated or laid off.

In all the ways possible, PRI functioned through bribes, as it was the way it was done in Mexico since the Revolution in 1902, and this paved the road to the current rampant corruption in the Administration, which normalized corruption for the rest of the society: if the Government does it, why shouldn’t do it myself too? And on top of this, the scarce salaries paid here are not enough to get your job done, it’s the plus from the bribe what makes you really do your job.

Therefore, when it comes to the Administration, any project has a cut or commission to be got back directly or indirectly to whoever approved it (but at least you get what you paid for). Corruption in this sense is vertical: money goes up, permits go down.

Corruption can be also horizontal: purchasing managers expect to receive a ‘bonus’ for choosing your product or service over the competence, teachers are bribed to get better grades or to pass a test; doctors too, to skip waiting lists, the cable man is bribed to cut the waiting period for a reparation, any kind of inspection can be skipped, cancelled, or approved, and permits of any kind can be got with a firm handshake and a nice wad of cash, not to speak about traffic tickets and well, again the list could go on forever.

As many have explained and justified it to me, corruption

It is just a way to stay ahead: everybody else abides to these rules, so must you if you want to make money

Of course, there are business that can be done without having to backhand anything to anybody. In fact, many companies have strong policies against it, and their employees abide with pride to them, and many and good business fly straight, but well, being realistic…


Ok, I landed in Culiacán, which is a bad place to use as a pars pro toto: 15th most dangerous city in the World according to Business Insider, but hey, I’ve just been pointed with a gun just two times… Hooray? I mean, despite appearances, the city is quite far from other parts of the Republic, with ghost towns and plunged into permanent, open violence.

Anyhow, violence escalated fast and hard since PAN took office. Each group competes in the most terrifying tactics to scare both rivals and officials, and not only murdering in open daylight, but showing off mutilated corpses, increasing the level of gruesomeness in their display from human piñatas, human stew soups, with insatiable thirst for blood and gore in order to scare the rivals, to the point that even the military got involved in this game.

Violence preys on the economy: people flees towns, close business, leaves the State, pay no taxes, the Government has no income, so it has to get more indebted, and the spiral downwards keeps going on. It also blocks investment and the attraction of foreign capital, the need for qualified workers, and if there are no companies, there are no jobs, no opportunities, so more people turn to organized crime as the only source for a decent living, and in the end, the dual combination of violence and poverty triumphs yet again in Mexico.

Violence distorts reality. Many seem to have become too comfortable about the current situation: crime-related news have become merely informative notes relegated to the last pages on the newspapers, as journalists investigating those crimes and their connections often disappear. People learnt to accept certain levels of violence, certain numbers of corpses found, beheading, disappearances, kidnappings, corruption too… slowly but steady (and unconsciously), Mexicans are lowering their standards of normality. And it is a dangerous thing to do.

Read now the second part .

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  1. What a load of BS. People get gunned down in Chicago over shoes. The rich own congress and the senate in the USA. The media is bought and paid for. Unions have been busted down to nothing. Racists run amock then you have school shootings and mall shootings and sitting in a movie and getting shot, or at Dennys or just about any inner city. Mexicos only problem is being to close to the warmongering pollution center of the earth. The US butts into everything in Mexico. And when honest politicians from the left try to become president they are attacked by the US media machine as Fidel wannabes. The US complains about drugs from Mexico but ignore their own arms industry that sells death to the highest bidder.
    Mexico has its problems but their being worked on each day. The head of the teachers unión sits in jail now. Pemex has been reformed. Violence levels have been cut in half compared to the last year of the pro USA Mexican president Calderon who allowed the USA war on drugs to play itself out in Mexico streets. Peña Nieto has tossed them out of the powers centers and now they are just guests. Peña isnt perfect but hes doing in one year in office what the PAN party couldnt or wouldnt do in 12 years in power which was to catch el Chapo. And the people of Chapos home turf did march, but they didnt riot. The pólice rioted to keep them from marching. Isnt Mexicos people free to believe what they wish? Even Al Capones Italians comrades where backing him in his heyday.
    Mexico needs to to get as far away from the infulence of the USA. Make legal its drug trade. Make all them billions as legal as US arms inc. Mexicos middle class is growing while the USA’s middle class is less than Canadas. Mexico makes more new cars than the USA does. And Mexico exports its telenovelas world wide. Even China buys them as most of Eastern Europe. Sure lots of people watch them but the writer of this article needs to hang out with a better class of people who dont even watch regular TV, much less soapoperas. The internet in Mexico has millions of users. Mexico present is bright and its future even better. Dont listen to the crap that this anti Mexican who lives in Mexico writes about. They are miffed because they have been robbed at gun point twice. Well the same thing would happen anywhere their are violent gangs in the USA like the crips and the KKK. At least Mexico doesnt have crazy people flying planes into their buildings. Mexico is a paradise on earth compared to lots of places in the USA. But watts and compton and Harlem and the west side of Chicago or cáncer alleys in its southern states or oil spills from Alaska to the gulf coast isnt all the USA is all about. But it would seem that way if sombody just focused on the bad.
    What this person does is focus on what they think is wrong with Mexico when lots that are mentioned are found all over the place in just about every country. Hope he goes home soon and leaves Mexico for the tons of tourists and ex pats of the USA and Canada who seem to not care about all the negative.


    1. It is funny how people assume I’m american or such… 😀

      First of all, you cannot always point at others and say “they are worse“. Specially the USA. Everything is USA or Spanish’ fault in here! Please let’s not. This attitude is too common here.

      Let’s remark some basics:

      The levels of violence, its viscerality, cruelty and perversion are unmatched, maybe comparable only to Venezuela, Al Qaida and the rest 78 states in the bottom pit of development… And well documented, supported by data and facts, as set in the post.

      People here not only gets gunned down for shoes, but for nothing. And beheaded. And dismembered. And burnt alive. Skinned alive. Throat cut with a chainsaw. And made stew. Tortured. Just for fun most of the time. I don’t want to post nasty images, just ask for an example of the previous ways to die and I’ll show you several.

      Regarding the unions, they are still a huge influencing factor: Pemex has not been cleaned, nor any other union, and their grip on the Government is still strong.

      And a country exporting cars and soap operas has little (real) future.

      And OF COURSE, there’s violence, corruption, ignorance, gangs, income gap, brain drain everywhere… here here there is a key element: IMPUNITY. Will talk about this in the second part, don’t worry! 🙂

      But to sum it up, as Marcelus Wallace would say, Mexico is pretty fucking far from ok. You perception of Mexico, either for being too young, maybe never traveled anywhere else, or being too posh, is naive at least.

      The Mexican reporter Denise Dresser expresses the same converns: “Mexico moves, but not in the right direction

      PS: ‘Make legal its drug trade’. Really??


      1. “Mexico is unmatched in its violence.” Really? When was the last time their was a Colombine in Mexico? When was a school full of tiny tots gunned down by a legal weapon owner in Mexico?
        Never thats when. So you take beheadings and deep frying bodies as some how unique to Mexico. You must not watch international news very much. Head cutting is all the rage in the middle east. Saudi Arabia(not in a pit of underdevolpment) does it to women who they accuse of being witches. When has that happen in Mexico? The violence in Mexico of the kind that you describe was in vogue almost 3 years ago. Sincé the new Prez in town, violence has fallen by dramatic numbers in the worst hit cities like Juarez. But that you seem to ignore in your racist rant. Thinking Mexico is somehow very unlike anywhere else in violence because their Mexican is racist thinking. Violence isnt over in Mexico as it isnt over in much of this troubled world. But those who get murdered by far in Mexico are caught up in the violence themselves. Very very few are innocent bystanders unlike the various victums in the USA of mall shootings, Denny shootings, Lubbicks shooting, Movie shootings etc etc etc. Gangs in Mexico are not at the level of influence they have in the USA.
        Gangs in the USA run prisions, they also run crime in thier citys from the inside. That happens also in Mexico but their not the pros like those in the states. El Rukins of Chicago paid money to black aldermans like they where paying parking tickets. People in Mexico almost never get gunned down for nothing. Their is almost always something. Your case of being intimidated by a gun toting scum tells you as much. You didnt get shot did you? You where given a choice. In the USA, you dont usually dont get one. People in Chicago have gotton shot by sniper fire, in the high rise mid down town área. No ghetto projects around those places. What lone nut who lives in a condo and yet to be caught get their kicks from this? In LA you have highway shooters. In Ohio their was teen convicted of that crime. Killing for kicks is all the rage in the USA. In Mexico violence is business not pleasure. Unlike the pond scum that exists in the USA that enjoys killing at random strangers who have done them no harm. Mass killers roam like lions out for prey in the USA. Thats also seen in Europe. Something about some white males makes them violent in their heads
        In Mexico, those who kill do so in protecting turf, taking out rival gangs, taking out un bribable cops, politicians, storeowners who doesnt pay for protection. Kind of like the Mafia in the USA does. John Gotti( the dapper don) was a folk hero to some people in the states.
        Mexico doesnt just export cars and soap operas. I mention them because you down play Mexico as having nothing to show for itself. After Canada, Mexico is the USA 3rd trading partner. Mexico sells tons of things to export. But its number one cash export is probally illegal drugs. A legal taxable trade would curb down the violence and bring in much needed legal cash into the coffers of the state. Whats wrong with that? If your against legalization your for the violence.
        The unions by the way are no better or worse than many other trade unions all over the globe.
        Why make Mexico seem like a fairy land for corruption. And if your talking about impunity, when is George W Bush going to go to jail for telling lies about Iraq and WMDS and causing over a million dead? Or Blair? Mexico impunity is heaven compared to that. Oh by the way, your perception is way off base. Am old enough to have given birth to you. Of that am sure. And am pretty sure your young and very naive person who may travel( such as I have, many times all over the states and parts of Mexico) but seems stuck at resorts and other gringo laden places.
        Dont be afraid. Real Mexicans dont bite. Ever been to Guanajuato during the Cervantino? The most old euro type city in Mexico still intact. Beautiful and well cared for. By Mexicans. And during the Cervantino art festival, tons of young people party all day and night and not a murder in sight. But according to you, that cant happen in Mexico. Probally the most your kind will go to will be San Miguel de Allende GTO. Nice, but not as real. Try to go out to the real Mexico. Not the plastic one that gringos and others who fear real Mexicans such as you seem to be tend to gravitate to.
        To sum it up. A few words from a infamous Mexican president Diaz.
        “Mexico. So far from God, So close to the USA.”


        1. Again, the point of this post is pretty simple: I live in a country where so much could be done, yet we have huge ballasts that prevent any move forward. And I just wanted to point them out, as much as I could do the same with any other country. But it happens I live here now, and pay taxes as well. And these liabilities seem pretty fucking big to me. I mean, if it’s ok to be compared to Saudi Arabia, it’s your call, buddy, I wouldn’t like that! Mexico is just 3 rows behind Saudi Arabia in the Human Development Index! Not in the pit, of course, there always would be Somalia, but quite low…
          To make it brief: again, pointing out the other’s flaws does not sugar-coat what is going on in here. Also, the levels of naivité, romanticism and unrealism on the rampant, gory violence and cartel’s activities here mean that either you’ve seen too many movies or you are a buchon – wannabe, praising it all. Closing your eyes to reality and believing that your neighbors have it worse does not make it safer in here by magic.
          The part you say “People in Mexico almost never get gunned down for nothing” is outrageous, as too much bystanders, journalists, innocent people are gunned down. Notorious examples: the 72 guatemalan migrants executed by Zetas Cartel, or the 2011 San Fernando Massacre… No European newspaper has a front page about a mass grave discovered, beheadings, daylight shootouts, impunity, kidnappings…
          By reading your piece, I have the vague impression that seems that it is more legitimate to have violence for business rather than for pleasure? I’m mesmerized! Please tell us, where do you draw the line? All the drug lords here are folk heroes too, so we should excuse them too?
          I’ll talk later on the quality of the exports and the kind of jobs NAFTA brought, so I’ll leave it for later.
          And yes, Mexico is one (of many) fairylands for corruption and impunity. The point is not settling in what we have or thinking that someone else has it worse, but trying to get a better country every day.
          And if you could read properly, you’ll see I’ve been living in Culiacan, Sinaloa, for 2 years already and I have a pretty formed opinion on what is the real mexico. I’ve been to many places here, including Guanajuato, Mazatlan, El Fuerte, and a long list. I’m pretty aware of what’s around me.
          And finally, of course, let’s blame some god for it. Or the USA. Either way, it is never our fault.


          1. Mexico and the USA are for some folks the same home. Back and forth between homes makes one aware of the similar things, and the not so much. But it can give hindsight that perhaps others who dont know much about either place, dont have. You live in Sinaloa. And your suprised how much the narco culture and violence is played out where you choose to live? Well if you choose to live in the deep south of the USA where KKK culture is strong and are shocked by all the racists and deep hatered towards outsiders, one could say you made a bad choice.
            Mexico City is a very modern city with no visable narco culture like you find out in the open in Sinaloa. Narco violence thats played out in a few places of Mexico, almost doesnt exsit in the D.F. If you play in dirt you shouldnt get upset with the mud. Your adventures with gun toting men who waved their iron d***s at you making you upset is understandable. But Mexico isnt unique in this. Why make it seem that way? Why even live in a country that upsets you so much that you have to point out whats wrong with it in a blog? That makes as much sense as a black man living in George Zimmermans neighborhood and expecting to make fast friends, then complaining that hes surrounded by crackers. Mexicans know whats wrong with Mexico. Your not telling anybody who is from Mexico or who knows enough about Mexico anything new. And Mexico is on the road to fix them. The violence levels falling everywhere where their was so much 3 years ago is a testament to that. Still have a way to go, but you make it seem that it has not even started.
            What irks lots of people in Mexico is too have know it alls who have lived a couple of years in this country think they have all the solutions. They dont. And its pretty naive too think so. Go fix your own homeland wherever that maybe and make life there perfect. Then live at least 10 years without leaving Mexico. Then, maybe you might know what life really is in Mexico. 2 years? You havent got a clue. Add 8 more years without leaving and then have an adult comment about it. Otherwise you just some crock POS who thinks their thoughts matters. but no. Not really. Oh by the way. I mentioned Saudi Arabia as a country where the goverment allows people to get there heads chop off for what they think are capital offenses like withcraft because you mention Mexico as part of “the bottom pit of development” because of its violence. Saudi Arabia isnt on some underdevolped list anymore. Yet they have plenty of violence. How is that possible? Its more modern than some so called 1st world countries. Yet it practices laws out of the dark ages. How you confuse that with wanting to compare Mexico with Saudi Arabia, I have no idea. Mexico is light years from that bat shit country. Who gives a rats toe if its all bright lights big city in endless sand. The way they treat their own women is a crime. But Saudi Arabia of the present isnt judged in the western news as bad as Mexico has been treated for past crimes in Mexico.
            And everything you point out bad that happen was back in 2010, 2011. In otherwords not now.
            The daffy PAN party is no longer in charge of Mexico if you didnt know. Why pretend that the crimes that happen then are relevant now? Now is relevant now. Now theirs no mass kilings of innocent immigrants. Now theirs no mass killings of journalists. Now theirs more peace and less violence. But since its in style to bash Mexico in the west, well its understandable that you want to get in a few licks to get attention. But its kinda sad really since you want to live there. Mexico isnt unique to violence. Near Europe just last week a fire set on purpose killed over 42 people. Well Ukriane isnt quite Europe all though the junta that took power wishes it was so. But just cause their whites isnt a excuse. Europe had their own share of mass graves, mass killings. Mass gas killings. But thats the past. Just like past violence in Mexico isnt a excuse to bash present Mexico. The two world wars known as the great white wars by the nation of Islam speaks of a violent past in Europe. But again thats past. Yet it seems that another great white war part 3 is in the making. How sad that so called civil people, educated people, cultured people, cant seem to get along without war and their industries. But if war is your big export money maker, in time it comes home to roost.
            Mexico is much more than the petty list your petty blog says it is. But those white ruled Eurolands have so much going for them huh? And Mexico has such a blight future because of telenovelas. Yeah right.
            And by the way, if you knew a tiny bit about Mexican history from the point of view of Mexico, you would understand what old dictator Diaz meant by what he said. But you dont. You think some Mexicans just blame others for Mexico troubles. They dont. But you cant ignore historical facts. Too ignore ones history is to relive them. Thats why some Mexicans never forget. Just like them Euro jews who now live in Israel will never forget their 6 million. Why do you bash Mexicans who just do the same? Not the right color? Now back to your hot pink happyland. Oh I forgot. You live in Mexico and your so upset. Cue little violins playing.


            1. ‘Narco violence thats (sic) played out in a few places of Mexico’ is a pretty big statement, magical man, from Happy Land, who lives in a gumdrop house on Lolly Pop Lane in Mexico City.
              Also, the 2013 reports on crime show pretty high numbers…
              And also, I don’t complain living in Sinaloa… well, my only complain is the weather, because it is like a furnace here..! 🙂 For the rest is pretty cool. And when it comes to violence as mentioned, I was making a point for the whole Republic.


    2. Dude… really? I’m Mexican and don’t relate to your comments.

      For starters, you lost the point of the post. The author it’s not saying that México it’s a bad country, but that it will not be better until overcoming some issues that – in his opinion – are holding us down. I interpret part of text like this: “México has been mediocre, it’s mediocre… and will be mediocre unless…”, and if at least you don’t agree for the past and present circumstances of our country – at least the circumstances for the last 85 years –, you sure live in a different reality.

      Anyhow, you jumped to say that ‘México it’s not that bad since it’s not USA, and everything bad in México it’s because USA’. Ok, now that’s a big load of crap. Canada is close to USA as México is, and it happens to be one of the countries with better living around the world, and the Canadian way of living has nothing to do with the North American, they don’t even like the same things. According to your logic, if your neighbor it’s a pedophile, you might end up being just like him; and if you do, at least you won’t be as pervert as he’s. I’m afraid to tell you that what you’re saying it’s playing the victim, and we Mexicans love that roll. And since geographically speaking I find impossible to get far from USA, I don’t see how could we escape its influence.

      Now, it’s not fair to compare the good things we have in México against the bad things other countries have; it’s not fair either the comparison between PAN’s and PRI’s governments, and less than congruent say “The head of the teachers union sits in jail now. Pemex has been reformed”, when Pemex’s union leader still at large; as well incongruent is criticizing a post for pointing México’s issues when at the same time you point other countries issues.
      Since you find exporting telenovelas an important achievement for México, something to feel proud of, why don’t we export fat people to other countries? México it’s also first place in having millions of people with obesity, we produce more fat people that any other country of the world, including USA.

      According to you it’s all right to have a lot of murders (it doesn’t matter how brutal they are) as long as the guns are not manufactured in México, they’re drug related, they’re less than other countries or they didn’t happened because an airplane crashed against a building; so, for you, “Mexico present is bright and its future even better” just because we’re not violent, poor or undereducated as other countries – so we don’t need to worry. That way we can forget about corruption, impunity, hunger, unemployment, the limited access to health services, the low quality of our education, indígenas, infrastructure, technology and industry as long there are other countries that are in worst conditions than us.

      You have the mind of a winner.

      By the way, get your facts right. The Chapo was captured before, during Vicente Fox’s government, although he escaped; it took 7 years to capture him back. Yeah, we have Internet (a lot of people), but if the Telcom lays went through just as Peña Nieto proposed them in the beginning, the Internet and its services could be subject of censorship and monitor by the government. Peña did what for whom? I live in Nuevo León and if it wasn’t because the army went in (by Calderon’s orders) we might be living the same situation than Michoacan, or worst.

      (I’m sorry for taking too much space)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Did Canada take half of Mexico land? Did Canada help murder Franciso Madero like the USAs ambasador Henry land Wilson did? That event alone cause the wanning Mexican revolution to heat up as never before and lay waste to over a million lives. Was that Canadas fault? The USA has been Mexico biggest historical enemy. But of course many Mexicans who dont really like Mexico as you seem to be cant see it that way. They forever see the USA as some heaven on earth that cant do no wrong. Living next door to the USA is no excuse for following its trash culture as some how better than your own. What self hate you have.
        And Calderon was the USAs b***h for 6 years and he allowed the USAs drug war to play itself out on Mexicos streets. Thank Peña Nieto that Monterey is now so much better in its security than during the last year of the drunk in the Pinos that was Calderon era. Oh and FOX didnt catch el Chapo. Get your facts right. That happen thanks to Guatemalas pólice who gave him up to FOXs goverment. And then those panistas sent him to a prison(in a PAN contolled state) where he could get away.
        Funny how during those 12 years the PAN presidents couldnt catch him. Makes one think that they didnt want to catch him. Peña did in one year what the PANistas couldnt or wouldnt do.
        Those are the facts jack. I dont play with them like you seem to do. But petty nuvo ricos do tend to lay it thick. And what about the fat people in Mexico? Big freaking wow. 1st people get upset that their so much poor in Mexico who where thin as rails. Now that the poor are fat, they still get upset. And about the soap operas. Their shitty but that shit sells all over the world. Whats wrong with that? And never do I say its ok that their is murders in Mexico. Thats terrible wherever it happens. But one thing is narco violence, another is Al queda flying planes into you citys. Its mind boggling that you think that I think that one is less than another. Dead is dead. Mexico may have troubles, but thank the lord its not that kind of troubles. And the only way for Mexico is up. Mexico has been dragged down by bad politicans. Rich folks who dont pay a dime in taxes.
        Bad education. Bad Pemex. But their have been changes. And Pemexs changes have yet to be lived out. And its too soon yet, but its a start form where its been for ages. So has it been with the teachers unión. Elba Ester is in a gilded prisión of course, but it still behind bars. Unlike when she was pals with Calderon getting him elected by fraud. Yes, the Mexican left really would have been a change for Mexico(look at Mexico citys index compared to the rest of Mexico) but people like yourself who consider anyone from the left as a Hugo Chavez Fidel Rasputín are the cause that many of those problems of the poor, and the indegious people dont get helped at all. AMLO would have been a great president like FDR was for the USA.
        But as FDR was hated and still hated by the rich in america. Amlo was hated and feared because he represented real change for Mexico. Too bad for Mexico, but Peña who I didnt vote for has done a better job so far than most thought myself included. Hes not perfect as the asinine new law for the internet shows. But enough pressure has stopped that so far. Give Mexico a real chance and dont be such a l***a gringos as you seem to be.
        Viva Mexico C****n.


          1. To point out past wrongs isnt obsessed. Are the Jews obsessed with their 6 million gassed?
            Racists tend to think so…….
            Si te queda el saco.


              1. Dont Mexicans have a right to remind themsleves and others of past and current injustices.
                Jews have made a cottage industry of it. Does no one else have that right?
                Or as I wrote elsewhere, are Mexicans the wrong color to have that right?


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