Well fellas, the time has come yet again... I'm moving back home.

Well people, the time has come yet again… I’m moving back home!

Right now, sitting on the charred remnants of my time in Mexico, I come to realize the intensity of my time in here; but also that I’ve gained greater perspective in many things…

I tend to be a sponge anywhere I go (when in Rome…), so I always get a ‘coating’ of local customs. From now on, I shall eat fruit cups, fresh cucumber slices soaked in lime juice, salt, and chilli powder as a snack! I’m also afraid that I will be arrested for reckless driving. Or that I will despise any meat, seafood, sunsets or girls other than Sinaloenses

Mexico is a country of beautiful and profound contrasts, and Sinaloa is no exception. Anyhow, I have plenty of plans in my mind, and I’m making them come true soon, but first, I’m visiting the Old Lady and my too long missed friends there. Fuímonos!

Man cannot stand a meaningless life
— Carl Jung


    1. Thanks! 🙂 I give myself a couple of weeks for adjustment, and then look for a job, preferably abroad…! There was plenty of these kind of gold-plated guns, even Ak47 in Culiacan… :S Half fascinating, half scary


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