About all this

Hi there! This is David, and these are the accounts of my wanderings.

Le Moi

This travelogue was intended to be a way to stay in touch with family and friends, broadly explaining what was I up to at the moment without having to mail or call them all and repeat the same places, anecdotes and curiosities I found along the way, over and over again… but it soon became a way to publicly share and help understand the places, traditions, and cultures from where I have been since I left home back in 2004.

After graduating, I decided to shake up my life, taking an opportunity to work in Zhuhai, China, for a British engineering company. During that time, I witnessed the fast-paced transformation of that city and the country as a whole, from being a mere crossing point to Macau to becoming integrated into the Pearl River delta economic zone, while most weekends were spent on Hong Kong and Macau, partying and gambling, respectively.

My career brought me then to Mexico, where I nested in Culiacán, capital of Sinaloa, home of the best food I’ve ever had; I also lived for a while in Ireland (Killarney), before getting a second chance in China, this time in Suzhou, where I’ve worked for a German manufacturing company as a head of operations and sales, and also getting married to a gorgeous culichi. Talk about fate. Five years later, I landed in Bulgaria as a plant general manager, at just 35 years old.

If you want to get the whole picture of yours truly, check this blog around. You can also get in touch.

Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry

Jack Kerouac


  1. Hey David,

    I found your blog through Martetatin’s post. Thank you for liking the post. I had a sports accident on 15th December 2011 and have been trying to recover since. My spinal injury has been the toughest challenge in my life, and I really want to say thank you for supporting me, it honestly means a lot to me.

    Your friend,


    1. Hey there! Tnx to you to share your history! I read you at the same place… Martetatin makes cookin’ look easy…! But about your injury…. damn! I will never complain no more on physical pain…! Keep on track, buddy!! 🙂


      1. Hahha yeah indeed, Martetatin food is so yummy. I wish I could eat it instead of stare at the pictures haha.

        Thanks for the support with my recovery, it truly means a lot . It will help me with my rehab session today.

        Pain is pain, so I’m all ears! I can relate hahah.

        Your friend,


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