Hong Kong – 香港

Hong Kong is a truly amazing city, maybe one of the best in the World. There’s not enough space in this blog to express the fascination that I have for this city. If I had to spend the rest of my life in one place or sell my soul to do so, it would be for the fragrant mistress.

Hong Kong street billboards

Despite the image of being a concrete jungle, Hong Kong is more than just pavement, noise, hyper-modernity, glass and skyscrapers: its territory encompasses cloudy mountains and sandy islands, old fisher ports, mazes of street markets and quiet forests, being mostly a rural landscape

Hong Kong has it all. Long narrow street mazes stuffed with cool neon signs? Tradition and modernity at every corner? Fancy clubs next to old tea shops? Triads? Funky nightlife? Jade markets? Fantastic fusion food round-the-clock? It’s all in Hong Kong.

The mix of modernity and tradition reaches the transport system too, with not only a state of the art MTR, but also a much traditional Ferry system, and a unique covered escalator ride, connecting the Central Mid-levels with corridors trough buildings and the spaces between, filled with giant blinking neon billboards.

Wah Kee Snacks shop (華記小食)

Wandering around its alleys makes oneself wonder of a past with a bay infested with pirates and British merchants, trafficking opium and cooking who-knows-what. In the end, things haven’t changed that much, especially when it comes to Cantonese cuisine, and I’m not talking about the always mentioned dim sum…

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— Bruce Lee

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