Estados Unidos Mexicanos – México

South of the border, this country takes name from the Nàhuatl word Mēxihco, which means ‘the place of Mexihtli; this being of the many names of the Aztec god Huitzilopotchli, a god of war, sun, and… well, human sacrifices.


Land of unbalanced contrasts, Mexico has managed to keep its rich heritage despite a troubled history, filled with violence, uprisings, deeply rooted corruption and racial animosities that continue to shape its daily life… but none of this can bend Mexicans down.

This is an extremely colorful place, a country that stands proud, with its people permanently in love with life, intense and vivacious, willing to beat its own narrative and ultimately establish a society based on the democratic and egalitarian ideals for which the Revolution and Emiliano Zapata fought.

People tend to think of Mexico as a monolithic culture based on exportable stereotypes, but Mexico is the real melting pot, product of the many cultures who set foot in here throughout its history: Chinese and Arab fusion food in the north-western states, Spanish and Mesoamerican languages, French desserts and pastry, Aztec and Mayan traditions coated with conservative Catholicism; Italian architecture, and a never-ending list of influences from all those who forged this country, whether for the good or the bad.

In here, I lived in Culiacán, a city the most notorious drug kingpins called home and capital of Sinaloa, the state with the best food, prettiest women, and most colorful sunsets there is.

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— Octavio Paz

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